When the Chino Jail was built in 1913, it is believed to have replaced an older wooden structure that was damaged by termites.  Originally located in the alley west of Sixth Street and North of D Street, the Chino Jail measures twelve by eighteen feet, and is divided into two sections by an iron grate door.  Small windows were built on the sides of the jail, and at one time, they had steel shutters.  No one ever escaped from this tiny jail.  Entry was made through a steel-plate door.  The jail was equipped with a double bunk, a wash bowl, and a toilet.  At one time, it is believed the concrete structure was used to  store stolen property and police evidence.  In 2003, the jail was moved to the park on 10th Street where it stands today.

Old Chino Jail

To learn more about Chino history, please visit the Old Schoolhouse Museum.


Modern pictures were taken by Mitzi Orlanes.

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