Located in the first building on D street, The Chino Champion was the first business enterprise to exist in Chino. The opening issue came out on November 11th, 1887, editor and publisher John Wasson wrote “Here is the Chino Valley Champion. It is here to stay.” And so it did.


Even though there were no other businesses in town, and subsequently no way to advertise the paper, it didn’t bother the backer Richard Gird. The main purpose of the paper was to alert the outside world about Chino, which was, at the time, being subdivided by Gird for sale.


The Champion has remained in operation over the years, changing ownership many times. It has seen the rise and fall of rival companies such as the Chino Herald and Chino Mirror, but none have stayed. The paper has been published weekly and occasionally semi-weekly. The Champion is the oldest newspaper in the country to run under the same name for its entire legacy.


The Champion is sent out on every Saturday and includes the Chino Valley Shopping News. The newspaper is constantly growing and looks forward to servicing its readers for years to come.



Chino Champion Marker

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