The Community Building was built on the site of what was once the Richard Gird School in 1937. The School was known by many names such as “Red Brick School," “Richard Gird School," and even “Central." The School was built in 1894 and was erected by Mr. and Mrs. Gird and The American Beet Sugar Company.


Located on 10th and B street, it was one of the finest schools in the country. The brick building had all the accommodations a school at that time could have, including four rooms, a library hall, and beautifully landscape with flowers and shrubbery (all of which were donated). Mrs. Gird gave her personal attention to these grounds, and was a clerk of the school board. In 1897 the school was renamed to Richard Gird High School, and there was also an addition of a few new rooms.


There is an unverified story that says Mr. Gird owned a brick yard and planned to supply bricks to the school and county court house. The bricks were not up to code and rejected by the county, but the school was still built with these bricks. The School was declared unsafe in 1922, and closed the following year. 


The Community Building is a hub for civic gathering. It became the place for many meetings of the city council, the Chamber of Commerce, and planning commissions. The Lion, Optimist, Rotary, and Kiwanis Clubs have all meet in its large halls, and it has been used to host High School dances.


Community Building