An informal meeting was called on July 25, 1885, to discuss whether or not a new school house was needed. The school classes were being taught upstairs in Moyse-Gray building, with Mrs. Reynolds as the teacher and five students. Their names were Emily Hagstrom, Ruth Orgren, Rhoda Orgren, Charlie Betler, and Linnie Betler.


A contract was drawn up for the construction of the building in August 1888. The first school house was located on 5th and D street, but closed in 1894 because Central school had been opened (Richard Gird School/Community Building). The School was later moved in 1897 to 11th and B street.

The East Side Thimble Club was the first occupant, but the club no longer exist. The Schoolhouse is still located on 11th and B street next to the Scout House and Community Building.


Old Schoolhouse Museum

To learn more about Chino history, please visit the Old Schoolhouse Museum.


Modern pictures were taken by Mitzi Orlanes.

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