An informal meeting was called on July 25, 1885, to discuss whether or not a new school house was needed. The school classes were being taught upstairs in Moyse-Gray building, with Mrs. Reynolds as the teacher and five students. Their names were Emily Hagstrom, Ruth Orgren, Rhoda Orgren, Charlie Betler, and Linnie Betler.


A contract was drawn up for the construction of the building in August 1888. The first school house was located on 5th and D street, but closed in 1894 because Central school had been opened (Richard Gird School/Community Building). The School was later moved in 1897 to 11th and B street.

The East Side Thimble Club was the first occupant, but the club no longer exist. The Schoolhouse is still located on 11th and B street next to the Scout House and Community Building.


Old Schoolhouse Museum