Chino has experienced many changes over the years. For most members of the community, our city has gone through great dramatic changes with the age of modern technology. But there are still the historic landmarks in the city that still stand today.

The landmarks that were chosen to be in the walk were chosen for their history and reasonable walking distance. The buildings in Chino date back to as far as the late 1800's. Each site will have a plaque  next to it dating when it was established and what the building is. Handouts can be found at city hall with a QR code on each one for more detailed information of the buildings. We strongly recommend that residents take the walk equipped with a QR Scanner App on the Iphone or any electronic device. History of each site can also be found on this website.


The landmarks in the walk may just seem like old buildings. But you will be surprised on the history that each site has gone through and how that building was a great influence on the city we live in today. We ask that the people of Chino enjoy the historical walk of our wonderful town.


PLEASE NOTE: Chino's late history is very scarce and difficult to find, both on the internet and in public libraries. Some sites may contain more information than others. The majority of the history collected was found at the Ovitt Family Library in Ontario and put together by Boy Scout Troop 201.


To learn more about Chino history, please visit the Old Schoolhouse Museum.


Modern pictures were taken by Mitzi Orlanes.

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