The Tebo family came to Chino in 1887, and a year later, Harry Tebo was born to Mr and Mrs. William J. Tebo. Harry Tebo (nicknamed the Pioneer Baby) was born on March 13, 1888.


The Tebo residence was the first home to be built while the surveyors were laying out the townsite. It was located on 6th and B street, but moved in 1911 and the current home was built on the site.     


W.J. Tebo took up the responsibilities of Constable and Deputy Sheriff when Fred Bristol was fatally stabbed in 1904. During his thirty-seven years as Constable and Deputy Sheriff, he took on rustlers, gunmen, and other law-breakers. He was one of the First City Councilmen when Chino was incorporated in 1910.  The townspeople appreciated all the hard work he put into cleaning up the town. He died in 1941.



Tebo Residence