The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, organized in May 1896, was one of the earliest women organizations in Chino. Mrs. B.K. Galbreath was the first president and Ms. E.T. Carson was secretary.


The W.C.T.U organized a service project of constructing a drinking fountain for the use of shoppers and their animals. Benjamin Walton (of Long Beach) designed the fountain and it was built by Mr. Wood. It was located near the Galbreath store, now the Neighborhood Activity Center, on the corner of 6th and D Street. The fountain was broken many years later by a “horseless carriage” when the driver forgot his new vehicle would not come to a stop when he said “Whoa”.


A dedicated replica of the drinking fountain was dedicated in October of 2010. Mrs. Sherman Nash is the current president of the W.T.C.U as of 2013, which is still a functioning organization in Chino. Their present membership is 104.



W.C.T.U. Drinking Fountain